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What we offer you:

Courses:  on field collecting; the history and culture of Italians in California; food in Italian culture; workshops on traditional Italian music and dance...and more

Lectures:  on the history and culture of Italians, highlighting the folk and regional cultures of the many Italies from which Italians in California came.

Field Research:  See the online guide to Italian Los Angeles (coming soon):  www.ItalianLosAngeles.org
The IOHI is listed in L.A. As Subject:Cultural Inheritance, Getty Research Inst., 1999.  The IOHI Archives contain fieldwork projects completed by students and others on a variety of subjects pertaining to Italian folk and regional culture, together with documentation of the Italian community of Los Angeles.  See Archives.

Exhibits, symposia, concerts...and much more

Special Services
for individuals, associations, institutions
(please call for rates)

Have a relative, friend, or associate whose oral history you want recorded?

Want information on your family or association's
regional culture or history?

Seeking assistance in organizing or producing a cultural program?

Need a copy of an archived oral history on videotape or audio cassette?

Let us help you...

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