I.O.H.I. Questionnaire

The Italian Resource Guide to Greater Los Angeles

Q u e s t i o n n a i r e

Please supply the appropriate information for the item to be listed in the Guide. Complete one questionnaire per item. Make as many copies as needed. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 



Entry to be listed:                      
Check as many categories as apply and further clarify where appropriate:
1)     Annual/Recurring Event

2)     Arts & Architecture

3)     Business

(market, restaurant, shop, etc.)
4)     Classes/Instruction offered

5)     Clubs, Organizations, Information Centers

(Cultural, Educational, Regional, Professional, Other)
6)     Dance, Music

(group or individual)
7)     Event

(Musical, Social, Sports, Religious, Other)
8)     Historic Site or Person

9)     Library or Archive

10)   Media

(photograph, video, audio, see Category # 11)
11)   Personal Collection, Institutional Collection

(memorabilia, etc.)
12)   Publication

(journal, newspaper, newsletter, unpublished manuscript, see Category # 13)
13)   Literature & Theater

14)   Entertainment

15)   Travel & Tourism

16)   Other

Submitted By:
(Full Name Please)
State: ZIP:
I am interested in:
Are you a student:
Name of School:





































Comments and Suggestions:

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