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ITALIAN LOS ANGELES: The Italian Resource Guide to Greater Los Angeles

Project Description: As a project of the ITALIAN ORAL HISTORY INSTITUTE, Italian Los Angeles will provide a guide to Italian resources in the greater Los Angeles area: from markets, restaurants, businesses, and artisans, to cultural, educational institutes and associations, to festivals and celebrations, historical sites, human resources, bibliography, and more. This comprehensive guide will be invaluable to anyone interested in Italian life and history in the Los Angeles area: residents, tourists, students, scholars, business persons, and others.

Student Internships: Explore Italian Los Angeles and learn about oral history, field collecting methodologies, Italian life and history in Los Angeles. Several university departments support this project through (unpaid) student internship opportunities (e.g., World Arts & Cultures Dept., UCLA; Dept. of Anthropology, Cal. State, Northridge; Dept. of Italian, Cal. State, Long Beach, etc.). Contact the IOHI if you wish to learn more about arranging university credit for your research time. Send your name, a brief resume, contact information, and a short statement indicating your interest in the project and your availability to: Luisa Del Giudice, [email protected]. A written agreement to the internship arrangement must be secured from your university advisor before course credit may be arranged. Internships limited. Apply at least two weeks before quarter or semester begins, if possible.

Assignments: Students are assigned an area of research which responds, as much as possible, to their specific interest, level of experience, availability, etc. and research assignments will be determined, after careful consideration and according to availability of topics (cf. questionnaire and project description), by the project director. Students are expected to be in weekly communication with the project director, reporting on research progress and other issues, as they arise. Students must comply with research and ethics guidelines of their own universities as these pertain to research with human subjects, and other related issues. The IOHI reserves the right to terminate any internship with a student whom the IOHI deems has not complied with such guidelines, or who is not performing according to expectations and stated goals.

THE ITALIAN ORAL HISTORY INSTITUTE (IOHI) is a non-profit community-based research and public education organization. It engages in the collection, preservation, and presentation of materials and information relating to the culture and history of Italians in California. It organizes public programs around Italian regional, traditional, and immigrant culture (i.e., multi-media festival/conferences: Performing Ecstasies: Music, Dance, and Ritual in the Mediterranean (2000); Italian Jews: Music, Memory, Celebration (2001), etc.), offers community courses (Italian Culture in Los Angeles: Collecting and Connecting), workshops (music, dance), and conducts research. See past programs.

Contact: Luisa Del Giudice, Director, IOHI; P.O. Box 241553; Los Angeles, CA 90024;
[email protected]


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